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To help facilitate your first visit we have provided printable copies of the forms needed upon your arrival. Please download, read and complete:


• New Patient Information


Please read:


Notice of Privacy Practices 

Definition of Services Offered


By making the time to fill these forms out before your visit, you will be able to think through all of your symptoms and also list any questions you may have. People often feel rushed in an office setting and we want to make sure all of your concerns are addressed promptly.

Insurance & Fees


Quantum is no longer a participating provider with any insurance.
Why are insurances no longer accepted?


Initially, insurances were accepted for the benefit of my patients. Unfortunately, after a year & a half of trying to make this work, I have come to the conclusion that in order for me to see patients in the manner that is beneficial, I can no longer support this.


We have all experienced struggles with insurance and Quantum is no exception. Most insurance based clinics have to see 2 - 4 patients at the same time to keep their doors open. I have run clinics like this and know the realities. However, that is not the model that truly provides the best outcomes.


Why should you even think about paying privately?

  • When you receive services from me, you will be the only person I am working with. You will have my complete and undivided attention.                                                                                  
  • You will not waste your time doing things you can do at home. We will discuss the importance your home program and how best to help yourself between treatments.                                              
  • I provide services that are needed and not constrained by unhelpful rules and limits. If you need more treatment than is “allowed” by your insurance company, you get it - period.         

When you consider the time savings of fewer trips to the clinic and the value of resolving your pain so much faster than normal, this expense will be well worth the cost.


Quantum will continue to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.



Upon request, patients will be provided with the appropriate billing codes to submit to your insurance company. (You will need a prescription for Physical Therapy Services should you choose to do this).


Wellness Services are not covered by insurance.

We of course still accept cash, however at this time we are unable to take bitcoins or livestock.

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